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오날 급 나온 스케쥴에동 발빠르게 응해주신 인스피릿 감사합니다! 그리고 굉장히 대단합니다 ㅠㅠ 역시 프리스타일도 해내는 구려!~.~ 즉흥도 잘하셩~ 흐흐 덕택에! 기분좋아서맘놓고 소리질럿드니 목은 행방불명.. pic.twitter.com/wWf1AeuY

Thanks to the Inspirits who came fast today to support us for this schedule that appeared suddenly! And you’re really amazing ㅠㅠ As expected you can do freestyle too!~.~ You can improvise well~ Heuheu thanks to you! I was so happy that I screamed freely and now my throat is MIA.. pic.twitter.com/wWf1AeuY

음!? 사진이 엄한게 올라갓네여~.~; 원래 이건뎈ㅋㅋ 머리에 가려 안보여도 두눈뜨거 지켜보고잇어요 인스피릿 흐흐 이왕 올라간 깡아지사진에 의미 부여라도.. 뀨형 짱똥 남군 호야야 열이 엘군 쫑이 마지막은 우리 인pic.twitter.com/nb5EgKLC

Hum!? I uploaded the wrong picture~.~; It was supposed to be this oneㅋㅋ Even if you can’t see it, hidden behind my hair, my eyes are open and I’m watching over you Inspirits heuheu As for the meaning of the picture of puppies I uploaded.. It’s Ggyu hyung, Jjangddong, Nam-gun, Hoyaya, Yeollie, L-gun, Jjongie and lastly our In (T/N: I guess he ran out of characters and wanted to write Inspirits, he was naming the 8 puppies) pic.twitter.com/nb5EgKLC

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