[TRANS] 140121 Starcast Naver Infinite in Hair Shop…”When Man Does Hair” by ©sungjongoppas



"Guys. Are you ready?"
"OK. Preparation for attack finished!"

Of course Infinite’s ‘Destiny’ was Korea. After a long time, they’ve come back restless to domestic stage? I’m ready to run to Olympic Hall like right now. All 7 members have boasted the will to being infinite. Personality perfect score, fresh men pose, violently shows happiness.

Infinite has returned. It’s been six months after since Infinite made progress with their world tour ‘One Great Step’, from last year’s August. Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Peru, England, France, etc.; they toured around 15 nations and again, they’re in Korea. Through ‘2014 Asia Model Awards’, they got to meet domestic fans.

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131230 - Google + - Dongwoo »


우와~.~ 복잡 미묘 감정~ 모두들 싱숭생숭숭숭하시지요.흐흐 저는 좋은데…좋은게 좋은거니까욬
인스피릿~ you are my destiny~
우리만 바라본채 ~ 미친듯 달려온
그녀를 지켜라~내맘이 그렇지 ~
매일밤 너로 채워왔던 나~ 네가 날알잖아~ 엉? 생각하다보니까 함께한 시간이 빠르게 지나온것같아서…사진 완전 잘보이졍 어우~ 그럼 다시 연습 ~ 빠빠

Woah~.~ Complicated delicate feelings~ Everyone, you all feel restless, don’t…

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131219 SBS Young Street Radio© mellowsweet | do not edit/crop/remove the watermark

131219 SBS Young Street Radio
© mellowsweet 
| do not edit/crop/remove the watermark

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131206 Dongwoo - One Great Step in Dubai.

DO NOT REPOST DO NOT REMOVE LOGO (cr:nanbeautifulgirl)

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image credit: 무한대학교 

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JIN GONE - Supporting Teaser Infinite -Sungjong,Dongwoo Exo -Xumin and Kim Yoojung eng subfull
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JIN GONE - Supporting Teaser Infinite -Sungjong,Dongwoo Exo -Xumin and Kim Yoojung eng sub

credit Inspirit Subs

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OGS in JKT 130831 | Facebook »

[97P] 130831OGS in JKT

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130831 Dongwoo @ OGS in Jakarta (Indonesia)

130831 Dongwoo @ OGS in Jakarta (Indonesia)


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[Eng Sub] 130807 Weekly Idol INFINITE




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INFINITE ‘One Great Step’ Live in Indonesia (Bahasa)

Seperti yang telah kita ketahui, ‘One Great Step’ akan datang ke Jakarta, Indonesia pada 31 Agustus 2013! Kami, @InspiritINA, bekerjasama dengan beberapa fanbase INFINITE di Indonesia, akan mengadakan beberapa projek untuk menyambut INFINITE. Dibawah ini adalah link tentang projek-projek tersebut.


Jika ada pertanyaan, silakan mention ke twitter kami. Terima kasih!

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